Arrow Trucking Employee Update - URGENT

We filed a group Proof of Claim on behalf of all our clients/former employees for WARN Act damages. We have also filed individual proofs of claim for each of you for wages owed. You do not have to respond to or fill out individual proofs of claim that you may now be receiving from the Trustee, Patrick Malloy, III. We may need additional documentation from you at a later date.

If all the paperwork can be finalized and sorted out, it is possible that there will be an interim distribution of money to you by the end of the year. “Interim” means that it is anticipated that there will be additional monies to be distributed at some later date, but there will be sufficient funds in the bankruptcy estate to at least give you some of the money owed to you – – either for the WARN Act or for your wages. 

We will keep you apprised of all future developments. 

Charles A. Ercole
Gianna M. Karapelou
Maura McKenna