New Chairs Named in Zoning and Land Use Practice Group

PHILADELPHIA (December 14, 2020) — Klehr Harrison Harvey Branzburg LLP is pleased to announce that Ronald Patterson and Hercules Grigos have been named as co-chairs of the Zoning and Land Use Practice Group, effective January 1, 2021. These changes are part of the firm’s ongoing plan to evolve and grow the leadership of the firm.

Carl Primavera, who served as Chair/Co-Chair of the practice group for more than 20 years, is stepping down to focus on developing new clients, training associates and practicing at the very high level that he is known for in the community.

Grigos joins Patterson, a partner at the firm since 2002, in the role as co-chair. Patterson has served as a co-chair of the group for nearly a decade alongside Primavera.

“I am excited to work with Herc to push the zoning and land use group forward and maintain the reputation that Carl built for the practice,” said Patterson. “He is a dedicated attorney who gets results.”

Grigos, who joined the firm in 2019, is a trusted advocate and counselor to his clients and has further distinguished himself as an attorney who gets deals done. “Carl and Ron have been role models for me throughout my career, even prior to joining Klehr Harrison,” said Grigos. “So, I am honored and humbled to have arrived at this point in my career. I look forward to continuing the success of this dominant zoning and land use practice.”

Primavera is well-recognized and well-respected in the field and helped lead the zoning and land use practice group to its current prominence. He is widely regarded as the one of the premier zoning and land use lawyers in the region by the development community and his peers.

Regarding the transition, Primavera said “I know the future of the department is in good hands. Ron and Herc have both proven themselves, and they have a wealth of experience and knowledge to contribute. I am happy to see them step into these larger leadership roles with the firm.”

Managing Partner, Brad Krouse, added, “We are grateful to Carl for his many years of dedicated service. His leadership helped grow and establish the zoning and land use team as the preeminent leader in the city. We are excited about our new leadership team and have great confidence in Ron and Herc to continue to build upon and strengthen the practice group.”

Patterson’s practice concentrates on zoning and land use matters, as well as on other land use and environmental regulatory, permitting and counseling issues. He deals directly with obtaining all of the necessary zoning, use, building and other development-related permits and approvals from the relevant City agencies that enable a person to build or renovate a building, and operate a business. He meets with and obtains comments and approvals from various City agencies, including Licenses & Inspections, the Planning Commission, Streets Department, Water Department, Redevelopment Authority, PIDC, Historical Commission, Art Commission, Zoning Board of Adjustment and other City departments. He also interacts directly with local community groups and elected officials to gain their support or to eliminate opposition to a proposed project. Once zoning approvals are obtained, he assists in filing for and obtaining other necessary building-related permits, operational licenses, and available 10-year real estate tax abatements.

Patterson is involved in all aspects of zoning and land use, from start to finish. He has an engineering degree and worked at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, better enabling him to work closely with architects, engineers and construction professionals in order to understand, tailor and modify the necessary plans that comprise the applications, permits and approvals. He is also experienced in reviewing and coordinating preliminary environmental investigations and remediation programs.

He earned his law degree from Widener University School of Law, cum laude and his undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering from Drexel University, B.S., with honors.

Grigos focuses his practice on real estate development with an emphasis on zoning and land use, handling permits, zoning approvals, land development, acquisitions, financing, and leasing. He provides his clients with the full range of legal services needed to get projects approved, constructed and stabilized. He is particularly adept at assisting clients with building new properties, navigating the municipal process and following real estate deals from acquisition, to entitlement, to financing and construction, and, finally, to leasing and disposition.

He earned his law degree from Widener University School of Law and his undergraduate degree from Boston College.

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