Diversity Fellowship Program

Klehr Harrison is committed to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in the workplace. As a part of that commitment, our DEI Committee is proud to continue to sponsor the Diversity Fellowship Program.

The DEI Fellowship Program runs from June to June each year and includes both an eight-week paid summer in-person work experience and continued mentorship and social and professional development opportunities during the academic year. The DEI Committee intends the program to further the mission of providing meaningful opportunities for education, mentorship and career advancement to future lawyers who have demonstrated an outstanding commitment to advancing diversity, equity and inclusion in the legal community.
DEI Committee


Hands-on Learning: During the eight-week in-person work experience in our Philadelphia office, each fellow will have the opportunity to engage in work assignments designed to develop practical legal skills and to acclimate them to working in a law firm setting. Fellows will have the opportunity to participate in and observe the daily work of Klehr lawyers through sitting in on calls with clients and/or opposing counsel, drafting real-world documents, and attending court proceedings.

Well-rounded Experience: Each fellow will split their time during the summer component of the program between two of the firm’s Litigation, Bankruptcy & Restructuring, Real Estate & Finance and Corporate & Securities departments. For more on each of the departments, please visit here

Meaningful Mentorship: Each fellow will be paired with two attorney mentors from different firm departments. The attorney mentors will be available as a resource throughout the entire length of the fellowship program. Mentors will schedule regular meetings and professional development opportunities for the fellow.

Professional Development: Each fellow will have the opportunity to participate in professional development and networking events throughout the duration of the academic year following the summer component of the program, including client and community events. Each fellow will be paired with a Klehr attorney during the summer to develop and present a continuing legal education program sponsored by the firm.


  • The firm accepts candidates in their first or second year of law school.
  • Fellows will participate in an eight-week in-person component of the program in the Philadelphia office that will begin on a mutually agreeable date in June 2024.
  • Fellows will be paid $1,700 per week during the eight-week summer component, less all legally required withholdings and taxes.
  • Fellows also will participate in the mentorship component of the program during the course of the law school year immediately following the fellowship summer component.


The firm encourages candidates to apply who:

    • are enrolled in a full-time ABA-accredited law school as a 1L or 2L student;
    • have demonstrated an outstanding commitment to advancing diversity, equity and inclusion, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender identity or any other characteristic or condition protected by applicable law. Members of a historically underrepresented population, including, without limitation, racial or ethnic minorities, members of the LGBTQ+ community, and candidates from disadvantaged socioeconomic backgrounds are encouraged to apply;
    • have community service experience demonstrating commitment to contributing meaningfully to the diversity of the legal community;
    • have excelled academically in college and law school;
    • are U.S. citizens or authorized to work permanently in the U.S.; and
    • are not the recipient of a similar diversity award from another law firm for the same summer.



Applications for the 2024 Diversity Fellowship are currently closed. Stay tuned for information on our 2025 Fellowship Program.

Please direct any questions regarding the Diversity Fellowship to the firm’s DEI Committee at DEIFellowship@klehr.com





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